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The Trailer

The Concept

PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of traveling with passengers and crew to your simulator. It is designed to be unintrusive, varied, dynamic, and simple to use and works with any aircraft across all of the major platforms.


Over 175 different sounds make every flight sound different. Our AI flight attendant will not say make the same announcement the same way at the same time. Sometimes, there will be a joke, other times, it may take a little while to get started. It always feels human.

Passenger Simulation

Passengers will react to, and judge, events throughout your flight. A business traveler may be more affected by delays than a passenger going on vacation. Each passenger has their own unique opinion and can make comments on your flight.

Keeping Everyone Informed

PACX offers the first real interaction with your passengers and crew.

Direct Interaction

Using the announcement menu, you can inform passengers of delays, diversions, aircraft problems, and more. You can also answer crew questions or request an update on their status.

Vocal Interaction

Vocal recognition technology allows you to make realistic public addresses. Use this system to interact with your passengers and crew in a realistic way.

In-Flight Experience

PACX offers a variety of systems to provide a realistic in-flight experience.

  • Various incidents ranging from minor reseating delays to severe medical issues can happen. It is up to you to handle them properly. This may mean you simply expedite the flight, or you may have to make an immediate diversion. The choice is yours.
  • Extra announcements for customs declarations on international fights and Wi-Fi usage information for Wi-Fi equipped aircraft increase the immersion.
  • Automatic and realistic handling of in-flight service by the flight attendant make the flight feel alive.
  • Interaction can be initiated by pressing the appropriate in-cockpit controls on select third party aircraft like the TFDi Design 717, Quality Wings 787, PMDG 737NGX, PMDG 747 QOTS II, and PMDG 777.

Screenshots (Work in Progress)

Upcoming Features

As PACX will be released in an early-access state, some features are partially or not yet implemented. The following features are in-development and will be provided via free updates.

  • Announcements of unique flight numbers and destinations
  • General aviation support
  • Corporate aviation support
  • Further support of in-cockpit integration on third party aircraft

Technical Information

The minimum specifications and compatibility requirements are listed below. An internet connection is required to download and activate the product. PACX is compatible with all aircraft. In-cockpit integration is available for select aircraft only but is not required for the product to operate properly.

Minimum Specifications

  • Hard drive space: 500 MB
  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Newer
  • Hardware: microphone for vocal interaction

Simulator Compatibility

  • Flight Simulator X
  • Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
  • Prepar3D v1-v4
  • X-Plane 10
  • X-Plane 11

We encourage developers to expand and add to PACX. More information for asset creators and developers is available here.