TFDi Design proudly operates within a network of business and virtual airline partners. Our business partners help us to offer more content and technology to our customers. Our virtual airline partners help us grow and improve our relationship with the community.

Business Partners

Below are the businesses TFDi Design works with.

JetStream Radio

JetStream Radio provides streaming radio content to smartCARS.

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Military Visualizations

Milviz provides technologies as well as ancillary modelling and textures for TFDi Design aircraft.

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REX Game Studios

Our products integrate technology from REX Game Studios.

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Parallel 42

The //42 and TFDi Design teams works closely together to provide the flight simulation community with ground breaking technology.

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We work with FlyInside to provide the community with a detailed and realistic flight simulation VR experience.

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Creation Web

TFDi Design and Creation Web partnered to provide all prospective Virtual Airlines with a great website design and out-of-the-box smartCARS 3 support.

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Virtual Airline Partners


Below are our virtual airline partners. TFDi Design officially recommends these virtual airlines to both new pilots and veteran pilots looking to expand their experience. This list is curated and maintained actively. The primary language of these virtual airlines is not always English.

To maintain this partnership, these airlines have to demonstrate professionalism, reliability, and a good working relationship with us and the community.


In addition to the benefits to the virtual airline itself, members of our virtual airline partners are able to redeem benefits of their own via our Partner Benefits page. These benefits include discounts and potential early access opportunities.

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Apply for Partnership

To apply for a partnership, please review the Overview and Guidelines document and email [email protected].

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