smartCARS Premium


About smartCARS Premium

smartCARS Premium is a pilot-based subscription service that extends the features of smartCARS beyond what was traditionally possible. It allows us to incorporate features that allows the pilot to be in better control and more information about their flight than ever before.

Cloud Flight Backups

Never Lose a PIREP Again

Every PIREP you send is submitted to both your virtual airline and TFDi Design. This serves as a backup for all of your flights across all virtual airlines, meaning you can never lose a flight record.

Simply backing up the PIREP is not enough, though. In addition to backing up the completed PIREP, smartCARS also backs up your flight and tracking progress in real time. In the event of a simulator crash, PC crash, power loss, or similar, simply re-open smartCARS and click "Restore" to continue where you left off, tracking included.

Unprecedented Report Detail

Know Exactly What Happened and When

Every smartCARS Premium PIREP includes an unparalleled level of detail. After the flight, you can see a live, moving PFD and map that show your speed, altitude, pitch, bank, and location. In addition to that, a vertical profile chart and fuel burn graph allow you to get a better understanding of the flight.

Use smartCARS Premium to evaluate your own flight performance and improve, like having a personal instructor in the cockpit. Or, use it to show off your flying skills to your friends and fellow pilots.

smartCARS Has Your Back

Abnormal Flight Prevention

smartCARS Premium monitors your flight and will pause your simulator immediately if it detects something off. This includes:

  • Off-schedule descent
  • Unexpected engine shutdown
  • Unexpected holds
  • Excessive pitch or bank events
If, for some reason, you have to step away (it is a simulator, after all - life happens), you can be confident that you will return to your flight either exactly as you expect or paused, waiting for you.


This is not a flight tracker for mobile flight simulators.

Desktop requirements:

  • A virtual airline that uses smartCARS.
  • A copy of the smartCARS desktop client installed on your PC.
smartCARS Premium is expected to receive a mobile companion app in 2024 that will bring real-time flight data, remote sim control, and more to your pocket.

smartCARS 2 Premium PIREPS are automatically imported to smartCARS 3.

Why risk losing even one flight when smartCARS Premium can make sure your valuable time is never wasted?

Let smartCARS Premium be your backup. Get started today.