smartCARS Premium


About smartCARS Premium

Starting with smartCARS 2.0, we introduced a system called smartCARS Premium. This system is a pilot-based subscription service that extends the features of smartCARS beyond what was traditionally possible. It allows us to incorporate features that allows the pilot to be in better control of his flight than ever before.



Cloud PIREP Backups
Every PIREP submitted through smartCARS is backed up in the event something happens to your airline's copy of those PIREPS. You will never lose a flight again.

Active Cloud Flight Backup
Every minute, your flight data is saved remotely and can be accessed in case of a crash.

smartCARS Mobile
With the mobile app, you can access your flight information and be aware at all times. You can chat with the community on the go with your Apple or Android phone.

Abnormal Flight Prevention
smartCARS will now track many more conditions of the flight to make sure that your aircraft is in complete control. If an issue is detected, it will automatically pause your flight and send you a notification if you have our mobile app installed.


This is not a flight tracker for mobile flight simulators.

Desktop requirements:

  • A virtual airline that uses smartCARS.
  • A copy of the smartCARS desktop client installed on your PC.

Mobile requirements:
  • iOS 7 or later, or Android 4.1 or later.