737 Extreme Sound

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The 737 Extreme Sound is one of the most accurate audio representations ever made for the 737 NG series. We have carefully crafted this sound pack to simulate realistic internal and external spool, real world buzzsaw/engine grind sounds, accurate battery and cockpit ambience noises, and immersive ground rolling sounds.

It also includes a custom-coded gauge that can be used on any aircraft. The sound gauge replicates the GPWS altitude callouts, adds a 2D panel for controlling the air conditioning and crew notification sounds, and simulates the TOCWS.

Product Features

  • High fidelity engine based on high quality simulators and real world recordings
  • Quality cockpit ambience
  • Accurate seatbelt chime (recorded from the real flight deck)
  • Full callouts GPWS system
  • Crew notification panel
  • Takeoff configuration warning system (TOCWS)
  • Thorough documentation