Avoiding Getting Banned by the Firewall

For security, we have a firewall on all of our servers that monitors connections and takes action against users conducting actions it deems potentially malicious. This firewall helps reduce the chance of server hacking, will assist in mitigating some forms of DOS attacks, and helps to ensure legitimate users are given priority resource access. Sometimes, a legitimate user can be banned, either temporarily or permanently, by our firewall, automatically. If you've been banned, the website will appear down for you, but will be available to others. Listed below are the ways you can avoid being banned by the firewall.

  • Avoid consecutive cPanel login attempts. If your first few attempts to login to cPanel have failed, do not continue trying. Either lookup or reset your password, then with the correct credentials available, try again.
  • Avoid consecutive FTP login attempts. This applies to all FTP accounts, both the main account login and added FTP accounts. Again, if your first few attempts do not succeed, get the correct credentials before continuing.
  • Make sure your email client is properly configured and avoid excessive email authentication attempts. If an email client is setup with the wrong account information and continues to fail a login, it can trigger our firewall.
Temporary bans only last one hour and will be removed from our firewall automatically after that hour. If you've been accidently banned by our firewall, please contact our technical support department and we will manually clear your ban.
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