How to Submit a Proper Support Ticket

In this article, we will discuss how to submit a proper ticket and how to get your questions answered faster and easier.

Step 1: Choose the Correct Category
Administrative: Tickets related to business questions and concerns, not used for support or pre-sales questions.
Sales: For help with ordering/billing and solving issues with the ordering process.
Technical Support: Support for your product if you are having an issue or general questions.

Choosing the wrong category will delay responses!

Step 2: Provide Information
When asking for technical support, the best thing you can do is provide as much info as possible. Here are a few tips for what you should include:

  • A detailed account of what happened, with steps to recreate the issue.
  • Whether or not this issue happens with other people.
  • Include Log Files in the event of a crashing program.

Step 3: Check your email
Support ticket responses are sent via email, the best way to answer your problem is to check your email and see if we have responded to you. With this, also have patience as we usually respond to tickets within 24 hours of submission. Submitting multiple tickets for the same issue will not help you get faster support.

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