Simulator Connection Error

The Problem
When trying to start (or restore) a flight via smartCARS, you receive an error box titled "Simulator Connection Error" informing you that smartCARS can't connect to the simulator and to ensure you have the required modules.

The Resolutions
There are two potential resolutions to this issue.
  • If you are using Flight Simulator or Prepar3D, please ensure that FSUIPC is installed and up to date - If you're using X-Plane and do not have XPUIPC, please ensure that it is installed and up to date -
  • If you are using Flight Simulator or Prepar3D and already have an up to date FSUIPC, if it is registered, please try temporarily removing the registration by renaming the "FSUIPC.key" file in your "{Main Simulator Folder}\Modules\" folder.

The Explanation
These modules provide the interface smartCARS requires to communicate with your simulator. These modules, even when installed, can sometimes experience issues of their own preventing smartCARS from connecting to them.
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